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Being Found Online Jumpstart

Being Found Online Jumpstart

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Your customers are looking for you online. We will get you set up so they can find you.

The jumpstart includes:

  • Home page, contact page, and about page created and optimized for search and conversion
  • Facebook setup
  • Your business in 25 local directories that will help Google deliver you to customers.
  • Google My Business set up

With this package you'll know that the basics of being found marketing have been taken care of, giving you more time to focus on your business without worrying about your marketing.

What is Being Found Marketing?

Being Found Marketing is a revenue growth strategy companies employ to increase sales and decrease wasted opportunity – by removing roadblocks in the buyer’s process. Being-found marketers identify the buyer’s decision points, as opposed to an abstract rigid sales funnel. They make sure they meet the buyer’s expectations at each point, making it more likely buyers will complete their purchases. This method requires companies to understand their buyers’ decision points and the areas customers find important, and then move swiftly to make adjustments.